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LOVE IS NEVER TOO EARLY OR NEVER TOO LATE,  LOVE IS ALWAYS IN B[L]OOM*              *written on a wall in one of the toilets by someone anonymous. You never know what to expect when you go somewhere for the first time. I've been hearing about the Boom Festival for a year now, ever since last summer a friend introduced me to it. Everyone I met that has already experienced it had something exciting to tell about it, but they all ended their story the same way – it’s a magical place that leaves a life-changing mark. I never take the stories I hear for granted, so I naturally doubted these ones as well. I had more than one reason to do that, but the main one was pretty much the same for all of them. None had ever experienced it sober. Nevertheless, it made me wonder what it was that made it so special. Is it the effect of the drugs, the drinks or is it really the vibe of the festival itself that makes the difference? I wanted to find out and so I b